Converse Bank 25


In 2018, Converse Bank celebrated its 25th anniversary. For this occasion, Doping filmed a video, which showed that Converse bank has been in Armenia for a quarter century and during this time, it has become an integral part of this country. The base of the main concept was the key message “Together we have passed the same way”.


With the help of the key message through different scenarios, we showed that the Bank, like its customers, passed a long way, overcomed a lot of difficulties and challenges becoming one of the developed structures in the country. The ad took us on the journey, which started in 1990s and continued until 2018.  In order to convey the right emotions and mood of 1990s, as well as show the transformation process the first part of the commercial was filmed with Panasonic M 9000 camera. As for describing the current period, we used modern technologies and cameras showing the transformation process.




Converse Bank