Domus – Decorative Paints and Wallpapers


Domus – Decorative Paints and Wallpapers is the eighth project produced within the framework of a one-year advertising campaign developed for our partner Domus. The campaign will include more than 10 videos shot in different genres of movie trailers.

The objective of this project is to show the products and to remind people that Domus can help them in the renovation and the renovation won’t be such “a heavy scene” if they do it with Domus.


We decided to shoot the 8th trailer in a thriller genre, showing the importance of choice.

The trailer depicts a scene, where the Secret Service agents carefully attempt to complete a very important and responsible mission: to carry out the interior decoration of the house.

How to conduct the operation in extreme secrecy and accomplish the mission? Of course, Domus will help you!

In this way, we are showing customers’ need to have a wide variety of choices in one place avoiding running from one store to another. And guess where you can find a wide range of decorative paints and wallpapers? Of course, at Domus!


  • Creative Director: Hovhannes Margaryan
  • Copywriter: Artsrun Sakanyan
  • Account Manager: Diana Stepanyan
  • Director: David Babakhanyan