Sitcommercials for Domus


Domus is a network of hypermarkets in Armenia where one can find everything for repairing and furnishing. This network had planned to provide discounted offers for their all products during the whole 2019. It was necessary to showcase the profitability of the proposed conditions, to differentiate them from existing diversity of the market, to provide an equal growth of the sells during the whole year and to present all offered products, at the same sticking to one single concept.


The repairing and making purchases for the apartment’s everyday use is a real trouble for a family’s father on whose shoulders lie all the burden of repairing and its related expenses.  They keep themselves away from any talk about repairing. On the contrary, women always manage to find an occasion to hint at the bad condition of the apartment and at the need of its repair. Exactly that episode of everyday life prompted the idea of a format of television series. At the same time, making a research on the ratings of Armenian TV series, we came to a conclusion that audience likes particularly sitcoms.


Thus, we combined such concepts as ‘sitcom’ and ‘commercial’, creating  new sitcommercial format. Seven separate videos were shot for each product’s discounted offer. The videos were made in the sitcom-like pavilion, created by using a specific interior, clearly selected heroes and a situation comedy. It was shown how such conversations usually take place, how a family’s mother hints at and a father literally escapes from a repair and how Domus offers a solution for that problem. Due to this format, the perceptions of advertisement were changed. Advertisement became entertaining and awaited. Many could not wait to know what would happen in the next video and, finally, whether the family’s father would decide to make a repair.