Commercial for Beeline Armenia, BeeFree, Soft Launch


Before launching the main project of #BeeFree, we produced the soft launch of the same project. The task was the same: to make everyone speak about the new tariff plans and to showcase all the advantages that the client can get from BeeFree.


The products were ready to be released, what’s left, was to shoot the video, and then, out of blue, the whole country was quarantined. To successfully complete the project without any losses, a decision was made to completely digitize it, which, of course, would change the entire format of the video.

The digital platform does not like bulky advertising, and we know that the target audience always needs something light, simple, familiar and dynamic. So we decided to shoot the whole video on a smartphone. Vertical format, natural environment, dynamic song about the offer performed by everyone’s favorite Aram MP3 and young people dancing to the song about the offer … here is the formula for success!

The next step was to create a stir around the video. We knew the youth would help us here. There was a song, and there was dancing, so we had everything it takes to start a Tik-Tok Challange. That’s exactly what we did. Famous choreographer Vika Martirosyan announced the new challenge on her Tik-Tok account, showing the dance movements. Later on, she was joined by active Tik-Tok users.

Tik-Tok users started shooting their dance versions and posted them on the Internet, mentioning the Beeline Armenia page and #BeeFree hashtag. More than 100 participants joined the Challenge, and the total number of views exceeded 280,000.

So by creating content for the target audience, we got the desired result and “shaked the internet”.





Beeline Armenia



Animation/TVC, Print