Commercial for Beeline Armenia – BeeShake


Beeline Armenia has a new offer, which gives different presents in return for shaking the smartphone while using their application. The commercial aims to demonstrate that the offer is so attractive, everyone wants to shake it.


We took the idea of getting presents so easily and turned it into a video concept.

Firstly, we wrote a song telling about the offer in the most dynamic and easy way for everyone to listen, learn by heart and hum all day long.

Secondly, we shot a video, where people are shaking their phones and getting presents in the most unusual and unpredictable situations.

The key idea of the concept is to show that people want to get presents so much, that they shake their phones everywhere, regardless of the circumstances and situation.

For getting a present, people are ready to do #BeeShake breaking the rules of courtesy and formality. To make the video funnier and more amusing, we chose such situations and locations, where their behavior goes beyond the formality, and everyone around them looks at them with surprise, while they do #BeeShake.





Beeline Armenia



Animation/TVC, Print