Campaign for Beeline Armenia – Combo 4


Beeline Armenia has provided a new, exclusive service package — Combo 4. It was necessary to get a bunch of clients for the new package in a short period, to showcase the considerable decrease of expenses going to the internet, cellphone, fixed telephone, and TV —receiving that high-quality service without any obligations and signing contracts.


The burden of making big purchases as well as decisions lies on the father’s shoulders in the family. Every decision made by him is under strict ‘observation’ of his wife who tries, by asking a lot of questions, to find out whether the made decision or purchase was beneficial and did not affect family budget. Often it looks like a real interrogation, consequently, the family’s father is ‘convicted’ or ‘found innocent’.  Exactly that family situation became the basis of our new video. This video helped to convey to many customers the idea that the decision to use this package is assuredly advantageous and that it will not turn out to be fatal during family ‘interrogations’.




Beeline Armenia


Animation/TVC, Print