Branding for Fishman


It’s a demanding task to showcase and represent an outstanding brand on the global market. Companies do not get to the international market easily but after so much hard work and effort, and therefore, they continue to grow and develop themselves while also striving to be ahead of their competitors. They plan marketing tactics to target customers, but, most importantly, require an outstanding company logo that matters a lot in attracting customers and grabbing their attention.


To design a logotype for a seafood importing company, our team chose a simple, recognizable, “readable” image. The logotype depicting a fisherman performing his duty symbolizes endurance and devotion. The name “Fishman” was dictated by the legend itself. Regarding the logotype’s tint of blue: on one hand, it symbolizes water and the world of water; while on the other hand, it indicates “endeavor,” which illustrates ambition and effort in response to the strong will of the hardworking hero.




The Fishman


Branding, Print