Branding for National Gallery of Armenia


The National Gallery of Armenia is the largest art museum in Armenia. The NGA houses significant collections of Russian and Western European art and the world’s largest collection of Armenian art. In 2017, our team was challenged to create a new visual identity and logo for the National Gallery.


The new visual identity is intended to make the National Gallery of Armenia attractive, contemporary, and expressive. Considering the imperative status of this building, our design team had the challenge to create a classic but modern brand identity that would preserve all values and, simultaneously, stimulate a fresh breath into this building. Furthermore, we also had the aim of increasing awareness around this large art gallery, supporting the interest of visitors, and increasing museum attendance.

The identity of the new brand was based on the following: “The National Gallery of Armenia is a lively and open institution, one that is friendly and pleasant to visitors”. Therefore, the visual style was built using a distinctive logo inspired by the mission of the National Gallery as a space for the presentation of art. To be more specific, the logo was built via the three letters of the abbreviation of the National Gallery of Armenia, creating a memorable and thoughtful brand. It was similar to many newer gallery logos in its use of a sans serif font and a primary black color application. The color and visual style remained as open and vibrant as possible, just like the different approaches of artists that were represented in the country’s most important art museum.

Without a doubt, the new logo feels more contemporary and brings NGA in line with other international galleries.




National Gallery of Armenia


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