Commercial for Prime Projekt


Prime Projekt is a team of certified professionals helping out startups and organizations craft the best ways to transform their teams, products, and processes through Agile coaching, training & consulting services worldwide.

Though a lot of companies are moving their development from waterfall to agile-based development, there are still many companies, which are unaware of what agile methodology is. Our challenge was to raise awareness and gain interest towards the company, showing its activities and the importance of its services for any company.


As the problem is universal, and as Prime Projekt provides Agile services not only in Armenia, but also abroad, we chose English as the main language of the commercial.

We decided to showcase one of the most ordinary companies, one of thousands, who think they’re doing everything right, but somehow, they never manage to reach the desired goals.

With the help of different scenarios, office characters, and daily problems we show all the mistakes that a company can make not adopting Agile mindset and methodology into their business. Prime Projekt can help them transform how teams collaborate and how the work gets done.





Prime Projekt





  • Creative Director: Hovhannes Margaryan
  • Copywriters: Artsrun Sakanyan, Susanna Beglaryan, Mariam Hakobyan, Tigran Gevorgyan
  • Creative Producer: Narek Hakobyan
  • Account Manager: Diana Stepanyan