Digital Campaign for Mercedes-Benz – “The new driving force of your business”


During the COVID-19 State of Emergency, our partner Avangard Motors LLC, the authorized distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Armenia, developed a limited-time leasing offer for its commercial vehicles (vans). The offer was valid through May 1-20, 2020, and included special conditions, such as 20% discount, 0% deposit, and 0.01% annual rate. The company needed a digital advertising strategy to promote the deal and increase sales.

So, our task was: to sell X Mercedes-Benz Sprinters with a leasing offer in only 2 weeks.


The client contacted us only 3 days before the launch to promote the offer and drive sales, which was a near-impossible task at the height of a global pandemic when businesses were downsizing or permanently shutting down.

Building on the commercial aspect of the vehicles, we offered the tagline “The new driving force of your business” («Ձեր բիզնեսի նոր շարժիչը»).

The company intended to drive sales via digital channels, so the strategy included the following platforms for the promotion: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google banners, Mailing, (the official landing page).

The combination of a precise promotion strategy, clear content, and thoroughly targeted advertising led us to the 105 leasing applications, received by the client’s partner bank (ACBA Bank) and 70 sprinters sold with a total worth of $1.720.000.

The whole digital marketing of the campaign was held by DMS – Digital Marketing Services.




Mercedes-Benz in Armenia, Avangard Motors LLC


Digital Campaign