Image Campaign for Vine & Wine Foundation of Armenia


Throughout centuries, wine has been considered a noble drink reserved for special occasions; it requires a formal environment, ceremonial ambiance, appropriate food, etc… At least that’s what Armenian wine commercials would have you believe. As a result, wine is consumed far less than vodka and beer in our country.


Our team partnered up with the Vine & Wine Foundation of Armenia to show that in real life there are no rules; drink your wine whenever and wherever you want, create your own method, use your favorite mug, and wear whatever’s comfortable—you do you. In fact, the only ‘rule’ to wine culture is the production process. As to consumption, the rules are more like suggestions.

For the sake of the campaign’s authenticity, the team consulted with Armenian winemakers who confirmed that when it comes to enjoying wine, anything goes.





Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia



Animation/TVC, Poster


  • Creative Director: Hovhannes Margaryan
  • Copywriters: Tigran Gevorgyan, Grisha Yenoqyan, Anjela Petrosyan
  • Art Director: Anush Ghazaryan
  • Designer: Edgar Mkrtchyan
  • Account Manager: Diana Stepanyan