Campaign for Beeline Armenia – Fixed Network Upgrade


Beeline Armenia carries out a massive upgrade of its network. Our goal was to show the transition made to the high technologies — equipped with new network opportunities — and that, for upgrading the fixed internet connection in Yerevan, Beeline Armenia has made considerable investments which resulted in speeding up the fixed internet connection and which considerably improved its quality. The video is important not only for the fixed internet connection but also for Beeline Armenia’s image. It was essential to repair Beeline Armenia’s reputation as a speedy fixed internet provider, to inform that a high-quality fixed internet is already available for every resident of Yerevan and that its power upgrade will be continuous for the whole Armenia.


In case of any connection-related problem the customers of Beeline Armenia call to the operators and, before connecting the call, a call waiting ringtone is played — Arno Babajanyan’s “Nocturne”. All problems are solvable; the problem of slow internet is solvable as well. That is why as a main accentuation of the video, which should have informed about the upgrade of Beeline Armenia’s fixed internet network, was chosen specifically that music piece. Firstly, it is performed in a well-known manner, then, is turned into a modern remix — symbolizing Beeline Armenia’s powered internet, it speeds up and enters into different fields of normal life and brings a new breath to everything. It has allowed to create an associative link between Beeline Armenia’s old, already known and transformed characters, to make an emphasis on the upgrade of the network, and to let everyone know that the fixed internet network’s upgrade is already in Yerevan.




Beeline Armenia


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