Print Campaign for Mercedes-Benz – “Take Into Account”


As a result of the collaboration between an official representative of Mercedes-Benz in Armenia, Avangard Motors, and ACBA Leasing new, beneficial leasing conditions were offered to customers for Sprinter NCV3. These around 500 imported to Armenia sprinters — which are the most reliable and qualified truck-furgons in their class — are designed specifically for a business customer. Realizing that businessmen take into account everything, and consider all possible options for decreasing possible risks before making any business decision, we had a task to present to the business audience an offer and to call to take into account all circumstances — the reliability of trucks and profitability of their purchase in comparison with other offers in the market, to count the expenses and, eventually, make a final buy.


Therefore, as a campaign slogan was chosen “Take into ac(,count)” ambiguous expression. By that we, first of all, call to take into account all advantages that are provided by the companies and offered trucks which are the best in their class. Then, using just one comma, the expression has been transformed into two other calls — count and buy. As a platform for the implementation of these activities, we used the website, created by us, where a buyer had an opportunity to compare and count his/her expenses. The advertising campaign had a teasing stage which helped to increase interest in the offer and even some comic versions of the poster, made by different companies, became viral and rapidly spread on social networks. Subsequently, the main campaign was launched and completed with an event. The result met the expectations and more than 450 truck contracts were signed.




Mercedes-Benz in Armenia, Avangard Motors LLC & ACBA Leasing


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