Campaign for Dalma Garden Mall – Brazil 2014


Dalma Garden Mall is the first family mall positioning itself as a shopping and entertainment center. During the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Dalma Mall wanted to showcase the football energy and join the world for this exciting event. The task for “Doping” was to create ad posters and videos showcasing Brazilian spirit via the integration of Brazilian elements into Dalma’s brand. The message of the ads was to illustrate the hype and energy around the FIFA World Cup while also depicting a contest to win tickets for a trip to Brazil to go watch the football game.

As a solution, the colors of the national flag of Brazil were added to Dalma’s brandbook colors. The mall’s logo was inserted into the round center of the Brazilian flag so that the posters represent the flag’s colors. On the other hand, the video ads were shot using a football theme and Brazilian music.




Dalma Garden Mall


Animation/TVC, Print