Do Not Tobacco” Campaign Against Smoking in Public Places 


The idea of making this logo came in late May of 2017 when the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia during the events, organized in frames of the World No Tobacco Day (WNTD), stressed the need for keeping passive smokers away from smoking areas. Armenia has no law that bans smoking in public places․ Yet, a number of venues enforce a smoke-free policy anyway. So, we decided to develop a campaign that encourages the smoke-free policy via visuals.


In Armenia 27,9 percent of the population are smokers and the rest 72,1 percent become passive smokers in public places and in their homes.

Taking into account the vigilance and sustained attention towards traffic signs, our team at Doping Creative Agency decided to reflect the ratio of smokers and passive smokers onto the “no entry” sign, subsequently, this sign, forbidding smoking in public places, was created.

The logo was officially recognized and adopted by the Ministry of Health of RA and received positive reviews from the public in general. It is worth mentioning that in 2020 the National Assembly of RA has passed a law that bans smoking in public places and it will come into force in 2022.





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