Commercial for Development Foundation of Armenia – Feel Armenia


The travel and tourism industry is one of the main drivers of the Armenian economy and there has been plenty of work to develop the tourism infrastructure, implement concrete programs, and promote Armenia as a tourism destination.

The goal of the project was to boost Armenia’s name on the international tourism scene.


We created a video promoting various scenic sights and tourist attractions in Armenia to represent our country from different perspectives, ranging from our delicious cuisine, beautiful landscapes, and an array of festivals, to monasteries, monuments, and artifacts that showcase Armenia’s rich culture and history. From ancient historic site visits, cultural experiences, and wine factory tours, to relaxing resort towns, and hiking opportunities in our gorgeous countryside, Armenia has so much to offer.

The video ad offers you the opportunity to immerse in Armenia as you Feel the Sound, Feel the View, Feel the Smell, Feel the Taste and Feel the Touch of Armenia – one of the most beautiful countries in the world.




Development Foundation of Armenia