#OurCinema Campaign for KinoPark Armenia


The 70s and 80s were the Golden age of Armenian cinema. A future classic was released almost every year, and they still hold a special place in every Armenian’s heart. They have helped contextualize our culture throughout the century, reflecting our values and influencing our society in many ways. 

Generations were raised on these classics, and people are happy to revisit them whenever possible. Our partner KinoPark decided that it’s time to bring the gems of Armenian filmmaking back on the big screen to let everyone enjoy them the way they were meant to be. The plan was to create a more immersive experience through the big screen and help people (re-)fall in love with these films.

Selecting the films:

There is no shortage of prominent and influential films in the national cinematheque. The main goal was to pick films that captured the essence of Armenians and our day-to-day life. Films that still make us laugh, cry, cheer, and contemplate—they show the real us in amusing and familiar situations where we solve problems only we could create. “Men”, “A piece of sky”, and “We and our mountains” were the first films selected for the campaign.


While quite famous in their heyday in the 70s and 80s, these films could surely benefit from a promotional device that we are so used to today—a trailer, a medium that was rarely, if ever, used in Soviet-era films. 

During our campaign, aptly titled #OurCinema, the selected films would have to go toe-to-toe against the most hyped blockbusters on KinoPark’s big screens; which means we needed to properly announce their arrival.


We created dynamic trailers for each film to help shed new light on familiar stories and generate interest with the younger audience. Each trailer reflects the respective film’s genre, story, or just the general vibe, and follows popular Hollywood tropes of trailer creation. The National Cinema Center of Armenia kindly provided the films in upgraded quality which allowed us to get the best of their cinematography, sound, and music.


Film posters were another communication device that we made good use of. Modern film posters steal all the attention from the competition with epic and in-your-face designs, and the original theatrical posters of our selected films (while iconic) would simply pale in comparison. So, to support each release, we created brand new posters–brighter, more minimalist, and featuring an instantly recognizable scene from each film.


Trailer music:

Trailer music:

Trailer music:


  • Creative Director: Hovhannes Margaryan
  • Copywriters: Tigran Gevorgyan, Ani Yavrents
  • Designer: Anush Ghazaryan
  • Account Manager: Anush Yepremyan
  • Editing and Color Correction: Nairi Danielyan
  • Music editor and composer: Andranik Berberyan
  • Re-recording mixer: Tigran Kuzikyan
  • Sound Post Production: Berberyan Production Studios