Commercial for Volvo Car Armenia


Test drive is the most sure-fire way to guarantee a client will buy a car. However, it can be challenging when your brand isn’t top of mind for those considering a brand new car.

To invite people to test drive a Volvo, we tapped into the brand’s greatest advantage – being a family car. Naturally, you need the entire family’s approval before making a purchase. That’s why we initiated a ‘Family test drive.’





Volvo Car Armenia





To effectively communicate this, we found an insight that all parents can relate to: the annoyance of an unbelievably catchy children’s song. If you’re a parent, chances are you’d lose it if you hear ‘Baby Shark’ one more time. Nowhere is safe from that earworm, not even in the safest car in the world.


For our promotional video, we imagined a scenario where the whole test-driving family perpetually sings ‘Baby Shark,’ much to the annoyance of Volvo’s sales representative. However, being the most patient person in the world, he is willing to endure everything the family throws at him just so they can decide on the car. The video portrays the family obnoxiously taking advantage of unlimited free test drives, prolonging the decision-making process for as long as possible.


VFX before/after

To amplify the passage of time and family’s tormenting of Volvo’s sales rep, we utilized a green screen to portray different times of the year.


  • Creative Director: Hovhannes Margaryan
  • Copywriters: Tigran Gevorgyan, Ani Yavrents
  • Account Manager: Diana Stepanyan
  • Director: Hovhannes Margaryan
  • Line Producer: Vardan Hakobyan
  • Production Manager: Gevorg Torosyan
  • DOP: Vahagn Ter-Hakobyan
  • Set Designer: Armen Ghazaryan
  • Editing & VFX: Eduard Matencyan (Eskiz Studio)
  • Gaffer and Key Grip: Geras Velikhanyan
  • Costume Designer: Ani Ordyan
  • Hair Stylist: Diana Aghajanyan
  • Makeup Artist: Diana Gevorgyan
  • Actors: Masha Aghadova, Bella Makaryan, Andranik Hakobyan, Armin Akob, Harut Khachatryan