Branding for Monogram Gastro Bar

In the world of graphic design, simplicity often speaks volumes, and sometimes a single letter can encapsulate the essence of a brand.
Enter Monogram, a gastro bar in the heart of Yerevan, where the letter M takes center stage, shaping both the logo and identity. Drawing inspiration from the minimalist aesthetics of the logo and the name, we distilled the brand to its core, deliberately cultivating an unfinished look in line with the ‘work-in-progress’ theme evident in the restaurant’s interior and exterior.
This intentional approach helps create a cohesive and distinctive atmosphere where less is more. With Monogram, beauty is discovered in the basics, and the intentionally incomplete visual elements appear as sketches or illustrations, resonating with the overarching philosophy of deliberate simplicity.




Monogram Gastro Bar





  • Creative Director: Hovhannes Margaryan
  • Copywriter: Tigran Gevorgyan
  • Art Director: Anush Ghazaryan
  • Designer: Luiza Nersisyan
  • Photographer: Andranik Mantashyan
  • Production Manager: Gevorg Torosyan
  • Account Manager: Anush Yepremyan