Campaign for WWF Armenia – Save The Earthbeat


WWF-Armenia has been registered as an official branch of WWF International as a part of WWF Caucasus Programme Office. In 2018 it launched a campaign to develop a responsible attitude towards nature by raising people’s consciousness. As per brief requirements, the offered solution should not contain any elements of brutality and should underline the fact that only by working together can we prevent more environmental damage and help restore nature.


We presented a concept built on the visual solution of a heartbeat graph and named the campaign “Save the Earthbeat” with the message that everything in nature is interconnected. By harming nature, we harm ourselves. The social advertisement was originally created for Armenia, but the message and the visual solution was so strong that a lot of countries (Malta, China, Georgia, Malaysia, etc.) where WWF has offices took this ad and, without any adaptations, started promoting it in their countries as well. Many environmental experts in Armenia named it the best ad about the environment. The ad was recognized as the social ad of the year at the Yerevan advertising outdoor festival.








Non Commercial, Animation/TVC, Print