Commercial for Bristly


An estimated 80 percent of dogs over the age of 3 have some kind of dental disease, and Bristly is a new tool designed to solve the N1 problem for dogs. The founder asked us to create a pitch video ad to help him get $15,000 through crowd funding. The main task of our team was to create an attention-grabbing video describing the oral diseases of dogs. Research and analyses of the dog market have shown that:

  • the majority of pet-owning households consider themselves pet parents
  • they increasingly treat their dogs like their kids
  • in dog-related videos people themselves talk about dogs’ problems
  • as a rule, a lot of people stop watching the video after 8-9 seconds
  • the video is watched only by pet owners


So, we decided to shoot a video where dogs talked about their problems. It is a fact that when children talk to their parents about their problems, it has more power over their minds and behavior. To make dogs’ speech more persuasive and convincing, we did not use any special effects, and in the video you see only dogs talking. More than 150 international media resources wrote about Bristly. Thousands of people became aware of this project through social media. Out of 19,000 campaigns, Bristly was among top three successful campaigns on Indiegogo. At the end of the first stage, the goal was exceeded by 3100%, with $667.000 raised. Bristly has the highest number of backers in dog-related crowdfunding campaigns ever.

P.S. No human being suffered during the shooting.