Calendars for GeoProMining


GeoProMining is an international diversified holding, specialized in metal exploitation. It has three holdings in two countries — rich in their natural resources— Russia and Armenia. GeoProMining successfully combines such functions as resource provision and its transformation into goods, reasserting that any resources can become goods that should be directed at the consuming needs of humans, regardless of whether they are for everyday use or spiritual. Our goal was to showcase these two important and extremely co-related fields of this holding’s activities, as well as to indicate the scale and significance of these activities which at their core are meant to use resources for making goods.


As a result, were made two calendars, which present two main fields of GPM’s activities. Twelve drawings of one of the calendars — executed in a graphic style —  represent the whole cycle of gold mining with its all stages. The most significant and the most important part of each stage is stressed with a specific colour accentuation. The other calendar retains the drawings’ principle, however, stylistically the photograph-based realistic approach is changed with characters, created specially for GPM calendar. The main character — which embodies GPM — can be seen in all twelve drawings. In each of them GPM’s character carries out humanitarian mission, points out global problems and shows solutions for them. These drawings express all fields of GPM’s activities, at the same time have thematic relation to the particular month. Due to their simplicity, delicate elaboration and use of bright but succinct colours they make positive associations and bring warm feelings.