Identity Development for the Visit of Pope Francis to Armenia


It was an immense honor for Armenia and the Armenian people to welcome the leader of the Catholic World, His Holiness Pope Francis on Armenian soil, which was where Christianity was adopted first as a national religion.

Our team was honored to become a part of this incredible event, challenged to create the event’s campaign and logo.


We designed a logo that has infinite potential and is versatile to suit the requirements of different platforms. Furthermore, the logo shape was round, incorporating in it the images of Khor Virap monastery and the biblical mountain of Ararat towards the top. Purple and yellow were chosen as brand colors reflecting the official colors of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the Roman Catholic Church. The inscription along the frame was stating the visit itself: “Pope Francis. Armenia, June 24-26, 2016”. Besides, the logo included the slogan of the visit: “Visit to the First Christian country”. The advertised campaign was approved by both; the Vatican and the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.




Branding, Identity