Commercial for Yeremyan Projects


Yeremyan Projects is the umbrella organization that consists of; Tavern Yerevan chain, Yerevani Shaurma, Lavash, Sherep, and many other restaurants. Furthermore, Yeremyan Projects had a goal to work towards a procurement point of agricultural production. Their goal came to fruition when a new agricultural project launched in Avan where residents of the community were able to sell agricultural goods – dairy products, meat products, eggs, fruits, vegetables, honey, and others – at the prices of Yerevan.

The task of the project was to emphasize the social components of the company’s concept “From the Farm to your Table”.


The video story created by Doping doesn’t showcase the commercial side of the project. As it is depicted in the video, the farmers from Avan can secure more profit without coming to Yerevan; they can solve their financial issues as well as achieve their goals in life due to this mutually beneficial cooperation, initiated by Yeremyan projects. It is important to note that the main hero in this story was a little boy who managed to fulfill his dream with the help of this project without leaving his village. This emphasizes how Yeremyan projects and their actions today could help achieve a lot of our compatriots’ dreams tomorrow.




Yeremyan Projects